Being there was a three-year EPSRC funded project, which brought a group of brilliant creative practitioners, technologists and academics together to explore how cutting-edge robotics can enable people to participate in public space, as a place to meet and share ideas.

Through a series of labs, micro-residencies, a conference, and commissions, the collaboration set out to explore how cutting-edge robotics might impact upon our experience of public space.

The research teams will be examined how to preserve privacy, trust in human-robot communication and the implications of using a robot as a stand-in for the physical presence of a human. Other areas focus on how to create synchronicity between robotic movement and that of humans in public spaces and measuring how people respond to robots in order to better understand the reception of robots in public spaces.

The project brought together five teams of researchers from the Universities of Exeter, Bath, Oxford, Cambridge (formerly at Queen Mary University of London) and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. In addition the researchers are working with a diverse range of creative practitioners from Watershed to add nuance and a disruptive element to the project. A range of artists, designers and game makers all of whom work with technology will be collaborating throughout the project.

Visit the People section of this site to find out more about the individuals involved. The Projects section of the site will give you more detail about the research that is taking place.

This research grant is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) under its IDEAS Factory Sandpits call on Digital Personhood, grant ref: EP/L00416X/1.

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