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School children introduced to the Nao Robot

Chris Bevan introduced the Nao robot to the school children of Bath on 21st March at the Bath Taps into Science event.

The school children were thrilled to come face to face with the robot, especially when it started dancing Gangnam style!



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Paul Bremner and Mark Levine on Spectrum

Paul Bremner and Mark Levine spoke to Lynsey Melling on the 3rd March episode of Spectrum on DW radio.

Paul Bremner met Lynsey at work at the BRL and introduced her to the robots that will be used in studies on the project. These include the Nao, RoboThespian and Poppy.

Mark Levine discussed the objectives of the project and under which circumstances it might be beneficial for a robot to represent you in society. Listen to the interview here.

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