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Residency Diary: Eye, Robot

For a week In late April, the CREATE lab team at the University of Bath teamed up with David McGoran to explore how to build upon our lab robot’s social skills by improving the way it uses its eyes when communicating with people. Chris Bevan has summarised what they got up to during the residency.
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Residency Diary: Fortune Telling Robots

Magician Stuart Nolan joined Senior Lecture Hatice Gunes and the School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London for a week-long residency. Stuart recorded a diary of their time together.
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Immersive telepresence using a NAO robot

A demonstration of our immersive tele-presence system using a Kinect and Oculus Rift, to control control and head motion of a NAO robot. A stereo headset on NAO allows the controller to see from the robots point of view. 

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Interacting using a NAO robot as an avatar

In this video demonstration you will see an early test of interaction using an Aldebaran NAO robot as an avatar for a remote person. As well as relaying tracked body motion, audio is streamed through the robot, and sound and vision are relayed to the operator. We are now beginning to test the effects of robot mediated interaction.

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Residency Diary: transference of rhythm

On 20-24 April, University of Exeter hosted Laura Kreifman, the founder and the director of the Guerrilla Dance Project, to explore how rhythm and movement connect.
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Why shaking hands matters (even when it’s virtual)

Politicians and the public may have grown tired of shaking hands at the end of a long election campaign, but there’s new evidence that it really does matter when it comes to striking the best deal in negotiations.

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