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New and playful developments in Robotics

Being There's academic and creative cohort will be working with several new robots as part of their research and experimentation. We thought we'd gather a range of exciting new developments in the world of robotics to give you a flavour of what's out there, and what you can expect.


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The Nao robot spends an evening at the pub

Pint of Science is an international festival of cutting edge science presented in that most fervent of idea generation forums, the pub.

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Our First Creative Workshop

This week saw the first creative workshop held at the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol. We’re brought together a diverse mix of creative practitioners to partner with the academic teams on a range of research questions. The aim of this collaboration is to thoughtfully exploring the impact cutting-edge robotics might have upon our experience of public spaces. Over the years ahead the project will be asking how we might employ robots to bridge the gaps between the ways we communicate in person and online.

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