Saving HAPPILEE Live Event

Saving HAPPILEE is an invisible maze game for public spaces
take the small robot HAPPILEE into your care, protect it from unseen hotspots of emotional activity and deliver it to safety...
before time runs out!

Happilee (photo credit Paul Blakemore)Photo credit: Paul Blakemore

HAPPILEE [High Aggregate Public-to-peer Intelligent Location Emotion Emulator] was developed by the Applied Anthropology Commitee and Sentientronics as an investigative tool for use in public spaces. The objective was engineered to communicate the emotional state of an area by intercepting unencrypted data from nearby devices and experiencing any emotions conveyed, in real-time. 
Unfortunately, nobody predicted the sheer volume of traffic that would exist today. Now HAPPILEE, broken and abandoned, exists on the brink of overload - desperately processing hundreds of emotional states at once. 
Will you rescue it?

Join Being There members from the University of Oxford, the Watershed, and our creative partners PAN Studio, on Wednesday 20th July for an afternoon of play in Bristol's Bearpit.

It is completely free to take-part, but in order to avoid disappointment please register for a play slot via the link below.
Play slots are 10 minutes long and are first-come-first-served.
One play slot per person.

Please note that by taking-part, all participants consent to be filmed during their playtest and consent to answer short questions about their experience afterwards.


Cost:   Free - register for your play slot via this link:

Date:   Wednesday 20th July 2016

Time:   Individual 10 minute play slots available 1:30pm-4:20pm
- please sign-up for a specific slot via the above event link.

Venue:   The Bearpit, Bristol


Further information about this project: