Puppet Presence Live Event

How would you feel if you were represented by a robot avatar on a date? Would you trust it to convey the essence of who you are?
... And what does this have to do with puppetry?

Puppet Presence 
Being There members from Bristol Robotics Lab and the University of Bath, and our creative partners Rusty Squid, are looking for open-minded and adventurous participants from all walks of life to help us navigate these sorts of questions in a unique experiment.

Come and feel what it is like to be represented by a robot avatar in a public space and share your experience as part of this cutting edge research. This is a chance to get your hands on Rusty Squid’s innovative new technology and help robotics specialists and professional puppeteers shape the future of robots in our lives.

Witness the collision of worlds between some of Bristol’s leading robotics researchers and world renowned puppetry, animation and FX specialists. We will be collaborating with practical effects master puppeteer William Todd-Jones who has worked on the likes of the Muppets, Labyrinth, Batman, and Harry Potter films, and his daughter Lillian Todd-Jones who has been raised in this craft.  

The Puppet Presence event will take place from 10am - 1.30pm,
with further open experiments taking place until 3pm,
on Wednesday 6th July at @Bristol Science Centre, Bristol.

The event is completely free to attend, but in order to avoid disappointment please note that registration in advance is essential, and unfortunately we are unable to admit under 15s to this event.
However, all members of the public visiting the @Bristol centre on the day are welcome to come along to the Puppet Presence open experiments running there from 1.30 - 3pm.


Cost:   Free - registration required:

(NB: Standard @Bristol ticketing applies if you only wish to visit the open experiments running 1.30-3pm.)

Date:   Wednesday 6th July 2016

Time:   10am-1.30pm (over 15s only),
further open experiments until 3pm (open to all @Bristol patrons)

Venue:   @Bristol Science Centre


Further information about this project: