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Real time blink / eye closure tracking using Google Glass and the Nao robot

In January 2015, Chris Bevan from the University of Bath's CREATE laboratory demonstrated a means of capturing and relaying human blinking behaviour to the NAO robot in real time.

In the Being There project, Chris is looking at how a range of social cues can be captured from a tele-present robot 'pilot' and how these cues can be transmitted by the robot in meaningful ways.

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The Uncanny Valley, a play by Francesca Talenti

Photo: Kathy Perkins.  Alphonse Nicholson played human test subject Edwin [right] opposite the RoboThespian [left].

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A day of imagination, invention and impossible robotics




On 27 November the project team and creative cohort came together at Watershed to participate in a day of imagination, invention and impossible robotics.

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Pilot public space trial event in London

On 22 October the project members met at Queen Mary University of London to run a series of experiments to study human interaction with robots.  The collaborative experiments are part of the pilot phase of our public space trials which will be held in years two and three of the project.

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Research team hack event in Bristol

On 24 and 25 September the project team met at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in Bristol for a hackathon.  The two day event was designed to encourage intensive collaboration between project members and to allow rapid development of experiment designs for use in a public space setting.

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