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Will there ever be an 'ethical robot'?

Will a robot ever be able to make a decision based on ethical principles?  Professor Alan Winfield from the University of the West of England discusses the issue on Radio 4's Today programme aired on 2 September 2014. 

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Robot fans replace humans at baseball games

A Korean baseball team, the Hanwha Eagles, has been struggling with fan attendance for the past five years.  In a bid to increase interest in the team they are offering fans the opportunity to “attend” games through the use of a telepresence robot. Users will be able to control a robot over the internet and can chant, cheer, and even participate in a Mexican wave.  Fans can even upload a photo of themselves to the robot’s screen so they can be seen by actual attendees. 


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York launches city-wide free wifi internet access ... but at what cost?

The city of York is launching free wifi internet access to all. But everyone, regardless of whether they log onto the network or not, will be tracked by the company behind this venture.

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Could JIBO be the future of robots in the home?


According to Cynthia Breazeal, of JIBO, this little robot is friendly, helpful and intelligent ... and only 11 inches tall. JIBO can see, hear, speak and by using Artificial Intelligence algorithms it will learn your preferences to adapt and fit into your life. Due for public release in 2016 ... ...

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New and playful developments in Robotics

Being There's academic and creative cohort will be working with several new robots as part of their research and experimentation. We thought we'd gather a range of exciting new developments in the world of robotics to give you a flavour of what's out there, and what you can expect.


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The Nao robot spends an evening at the pub

Pint of Science is an international festival of cutting edge science presented in that most fervent of idea generation forums, the pub.

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Our First Creative Workshop

This week saw the first creative workshop held at the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol. We’re brought together a diverse mix of creative practitioners to partner with the academic teams on a range of research questions. The aim of this collaboration is to thoughtfully exploring the impact cutting-edge robotics might have upon our experience of public spaces. Over the years ahead the project will be asking how we might employ robots to bridge the gaps between the ways we communicate in person and online.

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Demonstration of tele-operating the arms of the NAO robot using a Kinect and Wiimotes

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School children introduced to the Nao Robot

Chris Bevan introduced the Nao robot to the school children of Bath on 21st March at the Bath Taps into Science event.

The school children were thrilled to come face to face with the robot, especially when it started dancing Gangnam style!



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Paul Bremner and Mark Levine on Spectrum

Paul Bremner and Mark Levine spoke to Lynsey Melling on the 3rd March episode of Spectrum on DW radio.

Paul Bremner met Lynsey at work at the BRL and introduced her to the robots that will be used in studies on the project. These include the Nao, RoboThespian and Poppy.

Mark Levine discussed the objectives of the project and under which circumstances it might be beneficial for a robot to represent you in society. Listen to the interview here.

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